Svavar Knútur and Markéta Irglová - Baby, would you marry me?

from by Svavar Knútur



Out in the forest
under a tree, lies a dream
that you once told to me.
Out in the desert,
under a stone, lies a poem,
that you once wrote to me.

Baby, would you marry me
under an apple tree
or the bottom of the sea
or maybe on a train to Spain
or some nice place like that?

And, baby, would you marry me
on a mountain top or a traffic stop
or maybe on a boat that floats
into the great unknown?

That would be a day to remember our love by.

Out in the ocean,
under a fish, lies a kiss
that you once blew to me.
And up in the sky,
under a shroud made of clouds
is all you mean to me.


from Ölduslóð (Way of waves), released September 18, 2012
Svavar Knútur


all rights reserved



Svavar Knutur

A troubadour of humble beginnings and rural upbringing, Svavar Knútur's music tells stories of love, tragedies, sadness and redemption in a harsh and hostile climate. His songs and vocal delivery always seem to strike a chord with his audiences, along with his decadently charming on stage persona, his concerts at times comprised of stories within stories within songs within songs. ... more


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